We’re experienced Irish retail and food service supply professionals with a keen eye for consumer trends and the best food producers.

Our appetite for sourcing and recognising food entrepreneurs with fresh ideas on healthier options is one of the main components of what we offer

What do we do?

We help brands find their place in the market and rise to the top. Our team boasts an extensive database and network within the food industry, providing companies with access to market and much more. Our relationships with leading food producers around the world grants opportunities for both branded and private label products, and our approach goes far beyond mere sales and distribution.

We source and develop new products, handle logistics on an international scale and are experts in marketing. With a particular interest in ‘healthy’ or ‘healthier indulgence’ foods, our market expertise is always ahead of the curve. Our appetite for discovering and recognising food entrepreneurs with fresh ideas on healthier options is one of the main components of what we offer.